The Netonomy Solution

An app-centric approach lets users manage their network from a mobile app.





  • Device-aware anomaly detection
  • Device isolation
  • Network hardening


  • Parental controls
  • Guest management
  • Network priorities


  • Complete visibility into your network
  • Easily identify bandwidth hogs
  • Automated and personalized Support




Netonomy's software-only solution includes three components:

Router Agent

A minimal-footprint agent, installed on the home router. The agent monitors both internal and external traffic and applies policies received from the cloud.

Cloud Backend

Receives telemetry from all installed routers and identifies attacks in real-time. Distributes policies to the routers, and communicates with the mobile app.

Mobile App

A central place for receiving information and notifications about the network, and controlling it. Provides both a high-level picture and a detailed view.

About Us

Netonomy was founded by a seasoned team of 3 entrepreneurs with decades of combined experience in the cybersecurity industry.

Eyal Yair


Yaron Muzikant

VP Product

Yair Manor (Kuszpet)


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  • 13 Yehuda and Noah Moses St., Tel-Aviv, Israel